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Stephen Colbert...

That's SIR Stephen Colbert now!


I saw that my first post here was incredibly lame. I just typed something like 'pewpity pants' or something.. :/
Anyway, I decided I had to post something (other than my second post with the King stuff) to make up for it. PICS!!!!! or pigs! yaay! Who says posts need to makes sence anyway? no one? GOOD! 'Cus they don't!

Ok. Maybe posting a picture of Cillian Murphy that my sister and I drew while playing Apples to Apples doesn't count as awesome and certainly doesn't make up for the retardedness of my very first post on LJ...   BUT  SECOND PICTURE WILL!!!

Ok. Maybe a second picture that she and I photoshopped of Jonathan Rhys Meyers doesn't make up for it either... BUT A THIRD ONE!!!!! no...I don't have a third one. Sad, I know. I'm sure you were just dieing to see a third picture or something stupid I made... Well, let me check my files.... *checks files*

Aha! Found something!!!!

Hm... Strange. Christian Bale still looks pretty damn sexy. Ah well! Thats all I have for my imaginary friends (Frank, the 6-foot tall bunny rabbit) today. I love you! But I love me more!!

Oh! Also! The website watch-movies.net (the really awesome movie website that had like every single movie to watch instantly ever) is back! Under a slightly different title. Its now called  watch-movies-links.net   instead... Not sure why they changed that. Maybe legal perposess. Anyway, Farewell my fair feathered friend!!!!

Writer's Block: Seven Days

Which day of the week do you least look forward to? And which one do you most anticipate?
Least looked forward to day: Monday
Why: ...Its monday... For me, there just isn't anything to do! I had class that day but not anymore so I just don't know what to do with myself now.

Most looked forward to day: Wednesday
Why: First I have my dance class then...NEW EPISODES OF LOST!!!!!!!!  And then new episodes of South Park.
Also, Wednesday is the middle of the week. After that, you know its going to be the weekend soon!

Colbert is going to be a shuttle!

YES! Last night at 11 o clock Stephen Colbert told all of his viewers that NASA was letting people vote of what their next shuttle would be called. The options were Earthrise, Legacy, Serenity, Venture, or you could type something in in the Suggest Your Own box. At the top of the list of suggestions was Xenu :)
Anyway, Stephen Colbert told us to go to the voting website and type in 'Colbert' the suggestion box! That was just last night.
And now, here is a screenshot from just an hour ago.


WE DID IT!!! We need to keep voting though! They allow you to vote once everyday. Remember, click the 'suggest your own' and then type in 'Colbert' and submit... Here is the link to the site.


Don't forget to vote for Colbert!!!

Joaquin Phoenix

ok....As I'm sure some people have recently noticed or heard about...Joaquin Phoenix (the dude in the picture above) is becoming a hip-hop singer...


Look, he's an awesome actor and a pretty damn good country singer and he could have gone with that! But now he's all drunk and fucked up sounding and he is QUITING ACTING COMPLETELY and becoming a rapper!!!!!!

and dude...what's with the beard?


and he has such pretty eyes! Why does he wear those glass all the time? Seriously, he never takes them off...its sad.

Here's his interview with David Letterman... Ok somtimes i kinda hate david letterman because he was a douche to Marilyn Manson when he interviewed him, but this time David kinda has the right to be douchy...just a bit :p


And if you haven't seen the falling-off-the-stage thing, here's a link to that too.

although I still don't hear any of the people booing

but still...
what the hell man...

Writer's Block: Fearsome

The boogeyman, global thermonuclear war, being forced to eat broccoli—there's a lot to be afraid of when you're a kid. What was your biggest childhood fear?
My biggest fear was that something was going to jump out at me. The house we lived in at the time had a couch in the corner with the back of the couch not actually touching the wall. I would go behind it because I figured that if i actually sat on the couch something would be able to grab me. My fear also included something being able to seep in through cracks or holes in the house or come out of the cupboard or anywhere really. It was a constant fear and I'm glad to be over it.

SMALL SPOILER FOR SEASON 5 OF LOST! *just the first episode because that is all that has come out on this day


I love the whole business about the time skipping in and out of certain timelines and such and how Desmond is all like Hey I got to go to Oxford and stuff! and at the end there when Hugo was all like Dudes! Arest me get me away from here! I killed those people sure! 4 or 3 however many I killed I did it! Get me outta here!

I can wait!!!

Anyway, THAT WAS GREAT! It answered a few questions! Of course bringing up more in the proccess, but I can't wait until next week! I canhardley stand it! At 12 tonight I'm going to watch the Jimmy Kimmel thing...

OHI wish they would bring Charlieand Jin back! if nothing else just have Hugo talk to them!!! I mean, he saw Annalucia why the hell can't he see Charlie again and see Jin(other than the whole not-speaking Korean thing)!!!
Wow! This is tortue not know what is happening!

Oh! BTW, my cousin, Jessica, and I think we've figured out why Richard(the Other who never ages and lookes like he is wearing eyeliner) never ages!  One of the Hanso projects was the Life-Extension Project and I think it has something to do with that!

*theinformation about the Life-Extension Project was found on    thehansofoundation.com

James Franco


I would post more but i'm lazy and it is 2:17 AM so g'night!


recognize any of these people?

if you do....well i don't what.... but i thought it was a fun pic :p


They both look fairly shocked actually.
"Were you surprised? I was surprised."
"Oh yeah.  Quite surprised now that you mention it."

Oh jeezey ceezey what on earth is that? Sorry... Undeadvoodoo forced me to put it in not sure how that got in there <.<